A few words from our customers:

We have tried three different styles of notched wedges and Jarrod Willow’s are by far the most convenient to use. They are quickly taken on and off as well as easy to adjust while paving. They also make an excellent wedge as compared to some of the other styles we’ve used in the past.

Carey Lepley
Paving Superintendent
Eastern Industries, Inc.

220 Park Road
PO Box 177
Winfield, PA 127889
Phone: 570-412-0813

I have used Jerod's notch wedge system for the last four years. He has developed a great system to use on various types of asphalt pavers. They are very user friendly, lighter than the older bolt on wedge systems. They dont't take up a lot of room either.
I would personally recommend these sytems for any contractor that is looking for a quick,easy ,fast to install notch wedge system.
Thanks again Jerod.

Jeremy Harget
Paving Foreman Womex Inc.
P.o. Box 337
Grantham,Pa 17027
Phone: 717-943-4223

Let me start off by saying I love these wedges, you may remember we met off of the P turnpike when we bought ours. I'm Bryan Wettstein, paving Superintendant for James J Anderson Const. in Phila.  I ran them all year, on every job, everyday and i love the ease of installing and removal and most important theres no complicated adjustments, and oh, they do exactly what they are supposed to.(without eliminating almost 3' of my screed) like our previous set.  Anyhow, I need another set for our minority company (SJA construction).

Bryan Wettstein
Paving Superintendant
James J Anderson Const.
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215-416-7077