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When state DOTS, like Connecticut DOT, started requiring secondary compaction of the notch wedge joint, Jerod Willow, proprietor of Willow Designs, East Berlin, Pa., developed a solution:Willow Designs’ notch wedge pneumatic roller. Although we don’t often get the chance to see notch wedge pneumatic rollers in action due to their heat retaining covers, here’s a look at how Willow Designs’ notch wedge pneumatic roller works.

Ashpalt Magazine Willow Designs

Asphalt Pavement (magazine) Sept./Oct. 2012, New Longitudinal Joint Density Specification

APE, Allied Paving Equipment Willow Designs

APE, Allied Paving Equipment Publication Oct./Nov./Dec. 2012,

Paver Market Willow Designs

Paver Marketplace Sept./Oct./Nov. 2012